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Should I Play An Electric Or Acoustic Guitar?

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Most beginner guitarists are torn between getting an acoustic guitar or an electric one. While the core features are exactly alike, there are a few factors that a beginner can consider before making the purchase.

These factors surprisingly have very little to do with music, but a lot to do with the beginner acquiring the guitar, and the ease of mastering the instrument.

Acoustic guitars differ from their electric counterparts in that the electric guitars can be amplified.

Ease of use

Beginners are normally advised to start with an acoustic guitar given that they are much simpler compared to the electric counterparts. It’s noted that the ease of learning increases significantly with the acoustic guitar due to their simplicity. Electric guitars tend to look a bit complicated due to their switchboards, and a person new to guitars will have some difficulty adjusting to the switches.

As for learning notes, both guitars can work as the core features of both guitars are exactly similar. From tuning the strings to playing them, the methods are similar.


A key factor before investing in a guitar is the cost. As a beginner who is investing several hundreds of dollars for the most effective guitar to use, one needs to make sure that the price range makes sense considering you may still need to pay for guitar lessons and other related costs. A quick guide though – anything below $100 will not last, or will be tricky to learn with.

Acoustic guitars are budget-friendly, due to their simplicity and few accessories needed to get you started. You should go for a starter pack which comes with: a guitar and its case, a tuner, spare strings and guitar picks. Most reliable brands like Yamaha and Fender will offer a starter pack guitar for between $100 to $150. A starter pack is the most cost-effective ways to start your journey.

Electric guitars cost a lot more and require more accessories. As mentioned, a starter pack will help keep the cost within budget. A regular electric guitar set will require an amplifier, guitar lead, tuner and picks. A starter pack will have these items at a subsidized price. If you choose to go for regular electric guitars, be ready to spend up to $300 on an amplifier alone.

It can be unsettling to splurge such amounts for a guitar, but if the instrument is truly your passion, you should stick with your selections as they are worth the investment.

Sound options

While acoustic guitars offer great tones, electric guitars come with the versatility of sounds. Due to the external amplifier, there is a huge window for sound expansion. Most amplifiers have a clean channel and a distortion channel, giving you more options for sound as compared to the acoustic guitar. You also have the choice of enhancing the sound by adding effect pedals to your system.

Acoustic guitars offer great tones on their own, as they sound lovely whether the tunes are soft or quite loud. You also don’t need an external amplifier to be heard. Thus, if you are in the open spaces and an inspiration strikes, you simply whip out your acoustic guitar and play – no need to go back to your studio and hook up with an amplifier.

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