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The 4 Best Resonator Guitars in 2020 (Beautiful Sound and Feel)

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Gretsch G9210 Boxcar Guitar

Resonator guitars have been part of some of the greatest albums ever released. They also come in different shape and forms. You can opt to buy a metal or wooden one or choose a square or round neck. Of course, the design is up to you and what pleases you. When choosing a resonator guitar, it’s important that you make a wise choice as you don’t want to invest your money and then end up regretting it.

You first need to look at you needs and what sound you want to achieve as well as the style/genre of your music. While it may not be easy choosing one considering that the market is full of resonator guitars from different manufacturers all pushing why theirs is a much better option, choosing one doesn’t have to a tedious task.

As such, if you are struggling to pick the best resonator guitar, don’t sweat it. We have reviewed some of the best ones for you below.

1. Recording King RM-991-S Tricone Resonator

Recording King RM-991-S Resonator Guitar

The Recording Kind RM-991-S resonator guitar from Recording King is a tricone guitar which means it has three small aluminum cones that are connected by a T-shaped bridge that is aluminum. This guitar is perfect for a lap steel player that is interested in buying an instrument that has good style, sound, and quality.

The entire 25.5-inch body is made from nickel-plated bell brass that give it an attractive art-deco feel. It has a Honduran mahogany neck coupled with a padauk fretboard with 19 frets. This guitar is suitable for a beginner or intermediate guitarist. The 3 by 6 cones ensure that the player gets great playability.

The six continental cones help the guitar achieve an important sound transfer through its body. There are two cones on the bass side with one on the treble side which all work together to produce a high-quality sound that is both pleasing and warm. It also has a screen cover plate and a T-shape Bridge that have an ebony and maple saddle.

The bridge is linked to the cones at the center which gives room for vibrations to go through the saddle and into the bridge giving a unique tone.

2. Epiphone Dobro Hound Dog Round Neck Resonator Guitar

Epiphone Dobro Hound Dog Resonator Guitar

The open sound well design found in the Epiphone Dobro Hound Dog Round Neck Resonator Guitar helps make it one of the best resonators that you can get. This instrument is relatively affordable compared to other Hound Dog models that are more expensive. Besides, it gets the job done with no fuss. The overall body design of the guitar and the neck are marred by remarkable designs.

This guitar has a round neck that you can change for lap slide with the use of cheap nut extender considering there you can’t get a square neck version within this given price range. The sound produced by this guitar is a sweet high and growling low end.

This guitar has a solid build as well as a delicate balance and good sustain of range. While the guitar sounds better when played using the medium gauge strings, you can still achieve a deeper bass if you get heavier strings. It comes with Epiphone Hound Dog Grover tuners that can be used for proper tone adjustment coupled with a nickel-plated tailpiece.

The fingerboard of this guitar is made from rosewood, and the truss rod has a classy bell cover that is adjustable.

3. Regal RC-55 Metal Body Tricone Resophonic Guitar

Regal RC-55 Resophonic Guitar

If you are a guitarist that fancies a tricone style body with authentic brass bell design, then you should get the Regal RC-55 Metal Body guitar. The plates of this guitar, made from nickel, produce a rich, authoritative and luster tone.

It also comes with a 9.5 inches spun aluminum build that integrates with a biscuit bridge to give a pleasing and warm voice with great carrying power. It has 12 frets found at the neck joint with an amazing Pearloid peghead overlay that adds to the ease of playing this instrument while giving it an excellent look and style build.

The mahogany neck is not only slim, but it is also perfect for traditional and bottleneck playing styles. If you want to get a precise and fast tuning, you can use the traditional 15:1 open back tuners. This is instrument has both a good finish and fit, is reliable and gives excellent performance. Due to its heaviness, it is ideal for use when sitting.

4. Gretsch G9210 Boxcar Square-Neck Resonator Guitar

Gretsch G9210 Boxcar Guitar

Gretsch is among the famous brands that is well-known and is reliable thanks to their high-end products. The Gretsch G9210 is an excellent resonator guitar that gives users an opportunity to enjoy and make use of a valuable and new tonal palette.

The guitar’s top is designed from a strong mahogany wood that is durable as well as the neck and body region. The wooden build makes the guitar last longer, and it also adds to the warm and rich sound. This is a great resonator that combines affordability and high sound quality as well as playability in order to achieve an amazing feat.

This guitar from Gretsch is perfect for both beginner and experienced players. The laminated mahogany neck coupled with a high bone nut has 19 frets. This is a simple instrument except for the pretty Pearloid headstock that adds some dash to the entire look. For its price, this guitar has excellent sound and a warmth and projection to it that is unique.

Final Thoughts

A resonator guitar is a worthy investment that can be passed down from one generation to the other. That means that you shouldn’t just buy any guitar because a friend has one like that. It’s very crucial to do your research and find one that suits your needs and is easy to use as well. Also, consider what type of neck you want, style and material used in building it. These are important factors that will help you make a good choice in the end.

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