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The Best Integrated Amplifiers Under $1000 in 2020

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Loudspeakers, subwoofers, game consoles, computers, DVD/CD players, and TV’s are all components of a great home theater or stereo system. However, none of them can get to the next level if the perfect foundation has not been set, and that is where an integrated amplifier comes in. An integrated amp is a 2-in-1 amplifier consisting of a pre-amplifier which accepts signals from your sources of choice and a power amplifier that has all the watts and ensures your speakers can pack a serious punch to deliver the perfect sound.

Integrated amps elevate your sound experience as they rid your audio of noise and disturbance that may interfere with the sound quality. An integrated amp is also great as you only require a single element to complete your stereo system or home theater. This means that you can save not only on space but also on money.

The cost of the amps can also be relatively intimidating; however, there are some great options of integrated amplifiers that cost under 1000 dollars and still deliver exceptional sound. After a comprehensive research here are some of the best-integrated amps that you can acquire for under $1000 and will not leave you with a significant dent in your bank account.

#1 Yamaha A-S801BL


The Yamaha A-S 801BL Natural Sound Integrated Stereo Amplifier is a 100-watt, two-channel audio player that uses “Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology” and is ideal for individuals who like listening to music while surfing. Using this speaker is as easy as connecting your computer to the inbuilt USB port, and you immediately begin to enjoy high-quality sound with the least amount of distortion that can only be achieved by Yamaha speakers. The speaker utilizes the USB DAC function to convert your digital audio files to analog signals. Alternatively, if you would rather connect to Blu-Ray or TV, the integrated optical and coaxial inputs are available for use. It is also equipped with fantastic features including auto power standby, rotary encoder input selector, a phono MM terminal, anti-resonance chassis, gold plated terminals, and a direct symmetrical design. Additionally, you get various input and output interfaces like a coaxial port, an optical port, 4 RCA recording outputs, one subwoofer output, and 6 RCA audio inputs.


  • Users can use the digital audio input as well as other ports to connect to Blu-ray, TV, turntables, and amongst other devices.
  • Excellent fidelity regardless of the amplifier mode or device in use.
  • An additional wireless YBA-11 Bluetooth Adapter is included as part of the package.
  • The speaker has a gold-plated RCA connector and speaker terminals.


  • The Yamaha A-S801BL does not have a preamp output.
  • Some users have complained that the sound is a bit too hard for their liking.

#2 Marantz PM6006 Integrated Amplifier


An upgrade from its predecessor the PM6005, the PM6006 is a 45-watt amp that features two optical and one coaxial input, a Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module, an integrated headphone amp, and a Cirrus Logic CS4398 192kHz 24-bit DAC. The speaker’s design is quite impressive as are the high-quality components that can be found within the amp. Marantz’s application of a well-sized power circuit, discrete current feedback amp, and minimized signal path, aids with the delivery of the tight, crisp, controlled sound that emanates from the speaker. Other features of the PM6006 that are impressive a powerful toroidal transformer, a frequency response range of 10 to 70 hertz, dual corrosion-resistant gold-plated speaker connections, and remarkable damping power of 100. This speaker does not require an individual to do much as it is the ideal speaker that one needs when you just want to sit back and relax while you enjoy remarkable music quality.


  • The amp is more digital oriented with additional 2 Optical and one coaxial input.
  • It has a remote control that is straightforward and extremely easy to use.
  • It is equipped with a phono input for users who wish to use a turntable.
  • The audio quality is superb.
  • The PM6006 is durable thanks to the amp’s gold-plated corrosion resistant connectors and housing.


  • It lacks wireless streaming capabilities.
  • You cannot use it alongside a subwoofer as it does not have a plugin for it.

#3 Dayton Audio MA1240a Multi-zone Amplifier


The Dayton Audio MA1240a is a class AB, 12 channel, 40-watt amplifier that is versatile and can effortlessly be integrated with your home theater system. It is one of the few exceptional amps that allows users to do different things in different locations within the house. For example, one person can be watching TV in the bedroom while another listens to music in the kitchen. The speaker does so by sending various source signals to six different audio locations known as zones throughout the home. The speaker features a sturdy, durable steel chassis, that encloses the bridgeable channel outputs and fastening between 115V and 230V input voltage. It is also equipped with cooling fans, Multi-Stage Protection circuitry, independent gain controls, channel inputs, a frequency response range between 5Hz to 72kHz and BUS 1 and 2.


  • It has LED indicator lights that show the status of the 6 zones. This is our opinion, is a great feature just in case you need to troubleshoot your speaker you know where to begin.
  • The 6 zones and 12 channels of the speaker are unmatched and have incredible performance.
  • You can position the amp on a rackmount or desktop. It also does not hurt that the amp is aesthetically pleasing and will not make your desktop look hideous.
  • The design of the rear panel’s input and outputs are efficiently designed, making it easy to use the amp.


  • The amp tends to overheat.
  • The Dayton Audio MA1240a’s cooling fan can get extremely loud and noisy.

#4 YAQIN MC-13S EL34 (6CA7) 4 Vacuum Tube Integrated Push-Pull Amplifier


Characterized by a relaxed vintage appearance, the YAQIN MC-13S EL34 is an attractive and charming speaker that gives a terrific inimitable sound that can only be attributed to vacuum tube driven integrated amps. This Class A, push and pull amp offers better performance than its predecessor the MC-10L and delivers 40 watts per channel. The speaker is fitted with custom-made Yaqin 6CA7T vacuum tubes, two 12AU7 tubes, four EL34B tubes and two 12AX7 tubes that work alongside four corrosion resistant, gold plated RCA Jacks, and two gold plated output jacks. It is easy to assume the Yaqin because of its old school design; however, we can verify that it is not your regular outdated solid-state integrated amp. This amp applies tube technology spectacularly to give you a robust, clear, and crisp sound that will undoubtedly fill up a room.


  • You can connect a tuner, a CD/Tape player and a DVD player to the amp.
  • Its unique push and pull design facilitate the flow of current in either direction, improving the overall performance of the amp and making it more efficient. It does so by increasing AC output and reducing distortion.
  • The distortion is it is existent is very minimal.
  • It has an unprecedented 40 watt per channel capacity.
  • The vacuum tube technology delivers great high-quality sound.


  • Setting up the amp can be a bit confusing, especially if you are a newbie and have to use the manual which is in Chinese.
  • The amp ceases to work if the pipe fuse is not functional and has not been replaced.
  • The pipe fuse frequently blows up.


As previously mentioned, choosing an integrated amp can be confusing as there are numerous considerations that one has to make.

These specifications include the amp’s analog Audio Inputs including RCA Audio, Balanced XLR Audio Inputs, and an RCA Phono Input, the Digital audio inputs including USB Type A/B connection, Optical, and Coaxial and an Ethernet Port, the Outputs including Speaker, Headphone and Subwoofer Outputs and the amp’s Wireless connectivity.

Choosing the right integrated amp and power for you should ideally first be guided by the size of your space/room and then by your budget. Integrated amplifiers vary depending on the construction and class and while the amp’s brand name can be a great way to choose an amp it does not always guarantee that it will live up to the brand name. Finally, remember to verify if your amp’s connectors are gold-plated as the gold plates typically extend the life of your integrated amplifier.

We recommend that you conduct your research before you commit to purchasing the amp of your dreams. Our list features integrated amps that we have personally tested and are in our books some of the best amplifiers under $1000 that you will find. We hope that it was helpful, and it has set you well on your way to identifying your ideal integrated amp.

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