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The 4 Best Dynamic Microphones in 2020 (Natural Sound, Solid Performance, Great Build)

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One of the key tools in any modern-day recording studio is a dynamic microphone. And there is a reason why. Dynamic microphones tend to be used for different recording purposes like recording vocals, cymbals, guitar amplifiers as well as percussive snare drums.

Simply put, dynamic microphones are the real deal should you need to switch from recording your vocals to recording different types of instruments as you won’t need to buy another microphone. This makes them a good investment as they are reliable and last longer as well. Given its versatile use, dynamic microphones rank high in the most sought-after products in the market.

There are quite a number of brands to choose from when looking to purchase one. Knowing how difficult it can be making a choice, we have reviewed some of the best dynamic microphones that you can consider buying for your recording studio.

1. Shure SM7B Cardioid Microphone


Shure is a popular brand in the microphone space and is known to make quality headphones that will last you a lifetime. The Shure SM7B is for sure a good dynamic microphone given the numerous features it comes packed with.


  • Flat frequency build results in a clean and crisp output with no delays whether you are having a recording or practice or recording session
  • Does not distort or skew the original sound produced but instead reproduces the instruments and vocal exactly as they are
  • Captures sound flawlessly – both vocal and instrumental
  • The design has an improved protection from electromagnetic hums
  • Cardioid design helps reject any unwanted noise when recording
  • Has a wide frequency range
  • A detachable windscreen that works to reduce any plosives that may be as a result of talking or singing
  • High-quality microphone given the rugged construction coupled with an incredible cartridge protection for reliability


  • Some users have reported that there is a need to buy additional equipment and processors in order to have a great sound quality

2. Audio-Technica ATR2100 Cardioid Microphone


The Audio-Technica ATR2100 cardioid dynamic microphone is the perfect purchase for anyone that is buying their first microphone and wants a microphone that is affordable without compromising on quality.


  • Easily connects to your computer enabling you to do digital recordings thanks to the digital USB output
  • Has an XLR output that can be connected with any conventional mic input for easy plug-in during live performances
  • Produces a smooth frequency making this microphone suitable for recording vocals band instruments and podcasts
  • Two different outputs that make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use making it perfect for artists that need to record either in/outside
  • Comes with an inbuilt headphone jack that comes in handy when you need to check its output without any delays
  • Has a cardioid pattern that reduces any unnecessary sounds or noise that could affect the output of your recording.
  • Comes with a stand that you can easily mount your microphone to. This is a great add-on especially for artists that also play the instruments and hence need to free their hands
  • Ability to filter out a lot of unwanted sounds while capturing your output
  • Very affordable


  • Can’t pick sounds from a faraway distance hence needs one to be close to the microphone
  • Some users report that the microphone can pick up external noise when recording is ongoing

3. Sennheiser e845 Microphone


One feature that makes the Sennheiser e845 microphone stand out is the fact that it has undergone a few tweaks from its predecessor making it the perfect microphone for vocal performance.


  • The super-cardioid polar pattern design enables this microphone to concentrate more on the main sound being recorded while rejecting all other noise from the stage
  • Has a 40-16,000 Hz frequency response that is perfect for recording vocals
  • Built-in special internal shock feature that prevents any handling noise from being picked especially when the microphone is being moved around
  • Has a solid performance and a great build
  • Quiet operation that results in a more natural sound
  • On and off axis as well as proximity response ensures clarity even when the microphone is being used up close
  • Best vocal dynamic microphone for live performance
  • Complete metal construction which means durability and an extensive suspension
  • Well-priced


  • Suitable for live performances and not studio recordings

4. AKG D5 Dynamic Microphone


AKG is a popular brand in the market and is well known for its range of dynamic microphones, quality headphones and different types of microphones that are suitable for different occasions.


  • Good quality content at an affordable price
  • Has a rugged construction making it a durable microphone that won’t have you worrying about it breaking with any accidental drops
  • Has the cardioid polar pattern design that prevents any unwanted noise
  • Given the design, this AKG microphone is perfect for capturing high-frequency female vocals or guitar sounds and shines best when used in those ways
  • Ability to balance power, clarity, and feedback resulting in excellent sound
  • Has a wide dynamic range
  • Its handheld design makes it suitable for lead and back-up vocals
  • Inbuilt dual shock absorbers to prevent any noise handling
  • The AKG varimotion diaphragm ensures that the resulting sound is natural
  • Comes with a mic clip and a synthetic zip bag for storage


  • Not ideal for male vocals and percussive instruments as the sound comes off as a bit muddy
  • Some users report handling noise can still be hard even though not as much

Final Thoughts

Choosing a dynamic microphone shouldn’t be an uphill task especially if you know what you will need the microphone for. As discussed in our microphone reviews above, some microphones are perfect for recording vocals only, other for both instruments and vocals while others are ideal for live performances and not recordings.

In addition, consider the given polar pattern of the mic you are interested in. Do you want a mic with a cardioid pattern, super-cardioid pattern or hypercardioid pattern? Out of the three, a cardioid pattern is the best as it rejects any unwanted noise, especially during recordings. Pressure level, proximity effect are other factors that you should also bear in mind when making your choice.

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